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When will the park be completed?

Phase One of the Park Improvements is now complete! This phase includes a new parking lot to welcome more guests and park-goers, increasing public access to the 66-acre site!

How long is the park open for?


This park opens daily at 6:30am and closes at sunset. (Exceptions may be made for events scheduled through the Parks and Recreation department.)

Can I bring my dog to the park?

Yes! Furry Friends are welcome.  Pets shall be kept on a leash and under control at all times, and any solid excretion matter from said pet must be picked up from any surface area.

Can I drive my golf-cart through the park?

No golf carts, go-carts, motorcycles, four-wheelers, three-wheelers or any other type of vehicle is allowed off of the designated parking area at any time.


What is the park address?

2501 Lakeland Trail, 35243

What can I do to help protect the Cahaba River?

Visit the Cahaba River Society's Website for more information on how to volunteer your time or donate to the organization. 


Cahaba River Society – Educator, expert resource, and collaborative partner

Who designed this Masterplan? And what is a Landscape Architect?

We are Renta Urban Land Design - a Landscape Architecture firm based in Birmingham, Alabama. Modern landscape architecture is a multi-disciplinary field, incorporating aspects of urban designarchitecturegeographyecologycivil engineeringstructural engineeringhorticultureenvironmental psychologyindustrial designsoil sciencesbotany, and fine arts. The activities of a landscape architect can range from the creation of public parks and parkways to site planning for campuses and corporate office parks; from the design of residential estates to the design of civil infrastructure; and from the management of large wilderness areas to reclamation of degraded landscapes such as mines or landfills ( Please visit our website for more information on what we do! 


Landscape Architecture | Renta Urban Land Design | United States (

How accessible is the park?

Upon the completion of Phase One, there will be accessible parking located at the main entry.  Additionally, all restrooms and picnic pavilions will be accessible. 

Phase One of the Altadena Valley Park improvements will include accessible trail additions. All trails, by the end of the improvements process, will be accessible.

Can I practice hitting golf balls?

No. Hitting golf balls is prohibited for the safety of all park guests. Please be considerate of fellow park-goers and reserve all golfing activities to designated driving range/golf course facilities only. 

Additionally, the use of golf balls on site is prohibited for the wellbeing of the park wildlife. The size and coloring of golf balls is frequently mistaken for eggs by various animals, and consequently will be eaten by and kill that animal. 


Please be patient throughout the improvements process. We are very passionate about the Altadena Valley Park and hope to truly improve the recreational and ecological conditions of the area. As Birmingham locals, we recognize all the thoughts and concerns that come with large changes in the community-- including the Altadena Valley Park.


Our vision is for this park to become an essential community resource for The City of Vestavia Hills that lasts for years to come. We appreciate your support and are working hard to guide this vision into reality.


-Renta Urban Land Design


For questions regarding the design and planning of the Altadena Valley Park, please comment below. All questions will be directed to Tony Renta of Renta Urban Land Design.


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