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Altadena Valley Park is a 66-acre passive park located on the former Altadena Valley Country Club golf course. This park opens daily at 6:30am and closes at sunset.

The park is currently undergoing a multi-phased refresh that will encompass a new pavilion and rest shelter, bridge restoration, native wildflower and grass plantings, as well as a pathway system that will further connect the site. Please visit our Phasing Page for more information on these improvements.


The vision is to transform Altadena Valley Park into an adaptable passive park-- one that invites in a spectrum of nature-based recreational activities, community members, and native wildlife. Upon a variety of Hardscape, Accessibility, Native Planting, and Waterway improvements, we hope to provide further opportunities for community members to interact with the natural environment. Some of these activities include: a disc golf course, a new canoe launch with trail access, potential archery range, and a new playground. 

At Renta Urban Land Design, we are passionate about creating spaces that serve the people who occupy them. As a Birmingham-local firm, we value our role in the transformation of the Altadena Valley Park and are working hard to create a community and habitat rich resource within the heart of Vestavia Hills.




Video last updated February 1st, 2024.

Phase One of Construction

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